Nease High School Boys’ Lacrosse has been a cornerstone of the St. Johns County community for decades. As the head varsity coach, I will ensure Nease continues to be a premier high school lacrosse program that consistently graduates motivated, academically accomplished student-athletes. Such a program is not possible without the support of community members like yourself.
As a result of educational budget restraints, St. Johns County is a “pay to play” county for high school athletics. Each team must pay the vast majority of its own expenses (uniforms, equipment, transportation, meals, and other discretionary expenses) as state and county funds now only cover the costs for facilities, coaches and referees. The remaining funds necessary to support and run the athletic programs at Nease must come from the efforts of the Golden Panther Booster Club (GPBC) and generous sponsors like you.  Any budgetary shortfall forces each student-athlete to pay a fee in order to participate in the Lacrosse program.
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